Balkan Pharmaceuticals has developed and implemented a new anti-counterfeiting system called "Unique Product Identification Code" (UPIC) to protect against counterfeits. On its base is a codification system that gives every Balkan Pharmaceuticals product a unique individual identification code which can be checked online on our website. The code bring up information about the product, such as name of the product, batch number, date of production, validity date. Operating way: for checking the validity of the code, please go to UPIC website, then input the code of the product in SERIAL ID window and complete with the other informations, then press ENTER. The program will show immediately the info about the product and the number of times that code has been accessed online. This can be considered as index of product authenticity. Since each product package is given a unique code, this can be checked only by the final consumer of that product. The system has the capacity to identify the suspicious codes which has been entered too many times. Too many checkings of a product shows that the product is a fake.